Real time people counting

Real Time People Counting and Occupancy solution

DC Analytics offer a cloud-based solution for aggregated and real time people counting. Utilizing advanced security cameras, customer entries and exists are counted on multiple cameras for access to the same area. The combined values are displayed real time on status web-pages that are updated within seconds.


The functionality is built based on a serverless architecture provided by Microsoft Azure Cloud and all communication is protected by HTTPS.


Platform as service that require no other local hardware than a security cameras and a device to show the customer welcome page and back office dashboard


License fees are reasonable and simple to administer, besides from that the actual Bosch cameras and monitors/computers/tables to show the information pages are required.

Relies on intelligent video cameras

Advanced cameras with built in analytics extract extry/exit information and forward this data to the cloud. No video is transmitted from the camera.



Access your data though a dahsboard with advanced analyticsc and charting features

Aggregated people counting

A simple and robust counting solutions for collecting and visualizing footfall

Flow and occupancy management

An advanced solution for measuring, monitoring and managing real time occupancy

Advanced charts

Create charts of whatever data in any interval and compare or export

Powerfull heatmaps

Identify when you have busy and quiet times with a single look at a heatmap

Intuitive real-time display

Messages to your guests are simple, intuitive and easy to customize